Monday, May 11, 2009

What An Asshole!

"Our landlord said he would give us 2 weeks, well on the 7th he gave us a letter of intent to evict. He won't wait until the 15th when we can get our welfare check and I start working at a convenience store. What a jerk. I wish someone would shoot him."

Where to start, where to start...

Your landlord is not an asshole. You are. Obviously if he has reason to evict you, this isn't the first time you've been late with rent. Bravo

Don't be pissed at someone else because you are a screw up. Very classy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Things Need Repeating...

Loose: free or released from fastening or attachment: a loose end.

Lose: to get rid of: to lose one's fear of the dark: to lose weight.

So when you call someone a "looser" it totally loses the effect. (get it? ha ha ha!)